I have byte information that needs to be converted into a string.

The byte information is as follows: byte_info = b'Set temp to 0 \\xf8C in 10 s'. I want to convert it into a string like this: string = "Set temp to 0 °C in 10 s". Additionally, I need to decode the following characters:

  • Dollar sign ($) decode from %24
  • Colon (:) decode from %3A
  • Caret (^) decode from %5E
  • Tilde (~) decode from %7E

I tried

for encoded_char, decoded_char in replacements.items():
    string = string.replace(encoded_char.decode('utf-8'), decoded_char)

where replacements is dict of key and value.

Also I tried with decode - latin and its not working.


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You can test this with following code.

byte = b'degree Celsius: = \xf8 , greater than or equal to: = \xf3' 
string = byte.decode('cp437') 

for reference : https://docs.python.org/3.9/library/codecs.html#standard-encodings

Thanks for your support

  • The question shows \\xf8, i.e. the byte is double escaped, where as the answer uses \xf8 which is not double escaped. If the text is not double escaped byte_info.decode('cp437') would work, if it is double escaped you'd need something like byte_info.decode('unicode_escape').encode('raw_unicode_escape').decode('cp437').
    – Andj
    Mar 1 at 0:27

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