When I import the p-calendar module and insert the calendar into my page, I see the input field displayed on the page. When I click to test, this error is displayed: ERROR Error: NG05105: Unexpected synthetic listener @overlayAnimation.start found. I'm new to Java and Angular development.

I haven't imported any animation packages

I installed primeng with npm: npm install primeng

Imported the module:

import { CalendarModule } from 'primeng/calendar';

Used in my html file:

<p-calendar [(ngModel)]="date" view="month" dateFormat="mm/yy" [readonlyInput]="true">
  • I found it. I had to import and add to the providers, BrowserAnimationsModule in the app.config.ts file. Add "importProvidersFrom(BrowserAnimationsModule)" to "providers: [...]" Feb 26 at 14:05
  • You can use a simpler syntax with better performance with provideAnimationsAsync(and it'll avoid relying on importProvidersFrom): providers: [provideAnimationsAsync()]: angular.io/api/platform-browser/animations/async/… Feb 26 at 14:12


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