My plugin was having conflict with the other plugin if it was using google library in Wordpress. Previously my vendor folder was namespace by prefix Analytify using php-scoper excluding the namespaces Composer, Grpc and Google I worked around the solution and then I exclude three more namespaces that were Guzzlehttp, Monology, and Psr and by this the conflict was totally resolved. But now I was making the entire vendor namespace to MyPlugin so that it is totally containerized but then I get following errors in my plugin and I have looked into them and all the mentioned classes are properly namespace by MyPlugin but it is saying not found. The errors are:

WARNING MyPlugin\Google\Analytics\Admin\V1alpha\DataStream is not found in descriptor pool. Only generated classes may derive from Message

WARNING MyPlugin\Google\Analytics\Admin\V1alpha\ListDataStreamsRequest is not found in descriptor pool

WARNING (query) missing required param: 'siteUrl'

WARNING MyPlugin\Google\Analytics\Admin\V1alpha\ListAccountsRequest is not found in descriptor pool

WARNING MyPlugin\Google\Analytics\Admin\V1alpha\ListAccountsRequest is not found in descriptor pool

Now I want a way to solve this because I have checked the classes are namespace properly but it is showing not found. Any clue to fix it?

My scoper.inc.php file is


declare (strict_types=1);
namespace MyPlugin;

// scoper.inc.php
use MyPlugin\Isolated\Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder;
return [
    'prefix' => 'MyPlugin',
    // string|null
    'output-dir' => null,
    // string|null
    'finders' => [],
    // list<Finder>
    'patchers' => [],
    // list<callable(string $filePath, string $prefix, string $contents): string>
    'exclude-files' => [],
    // list<string>
    'exclude-namespaces' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'exclude-constants' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'exclude-classes' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'exclude-functions' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'expose-global-constants' => \false,
    // bool
    'expose-global-classes' => \false,
    // bool
    'expose-global-functions' => \false,
    // bool
    'expose-namespaces' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'expose-constants' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'expose-classes' => [],
    // list<string|regex>
    'expose-functions' => [],

Also a guidance needed that is excluding the namespaces on which error occurs is better or just namespace entire vendor that contains Google Libraries for php

  • Did you end up finding a solution to this? I'm facing a similar issue Commented Apr 29 at 2:20
  • @SessionCookieMonster you have to either upgrade your dependencies to latest version. Or have to namespace them for which you can use various dependencies namespace packages like php-scoper, mozart, strauss. But in mine case I resolve the issue by upgrading to latest dependencies version.
    – ahmedwp
    Commented May 11 at 12:08


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