I want to create a flexbox component that spacing between each child components and the spacing between parent and child are all the same. It's similar to 'space-evenly' but i don't want to use static height value in flexbox. How can I create this flexbox?

  {/* child components */}

enter image description here

I tried 'gap' property to make it but it doesn't contain space between parent component and child component. I also tried 'space-evenly' option in 'justify-content' property but it doesn't have any space unless i put a static value of height. What should I do for spacing evenly and automatically adjusting height as child component's height at the same time?


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In CSS, you can use the property justify-content. An option for this property is "space-between", which will use 100% of the space, but will put equal spaces between the objects.

You can also use "space-around", or "space-evenly" which have similar effects, so play around with these and see if they meet your criteria.

Remember that this property must be specified in the parent component, which must have display: flex.

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