So I wanted to automate importing tasks into task scheduler with a batch script. The idea is to iterate throught xml files in given directory and import them one by one. Right now my script looks like this:

@echo on

setlocal disabledelayedexpansion

for %%e in ("%~dp0*.xml") do (
schtasks /create /tn "%%~dpne" /ru "System" /xml "%%~e")


The problem I have is with /tn flag in this script, because "%%~dpne" returns full path of xml file(without extension) for example:


and I only need this part:


How can I extract this substring ? Cheers.

  • The task doesn't make sense. There is no point in uning %~dp0 as a dynamic variable here, if you are specifically wanting a non dynamic substring of that location too. The only possibility would be that you wanted a substring of the last four branches, but using a %~dp0 means that there may not ever be four of those in total. I think we need a better explanation of how you want the task name substring to be determined.
    – Compo
    Mar 1 at 8:50

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I find your use of disabledelayedexpansion odd, since that is the default condition. Perhaps we have a case of overcropping from a routine where delayed expansion is enabled....

Since ~dpne would be evaluated to the same as ~dp0 without the filename, you could use

set "mypath=%~dp0"
set "mypath=%mypath:*microsoft\=%"
for %%e in ("%~dp0*.xml") do (
schtasks /create /tn "%mypath%%%~ne" /ru "System" /xml "%%~e")

Using the second set to replace all characters up to the first occurrence of microsoft\ (case-insensitive) with nothing, and using the resultant value of mypath.

Note : untested

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