I have a files monitor project in python and i want to get benefit from this prject by selling it. My first question is how can I design a simple interface for the user just to do simple things? and can I use css or it's not possible? How can I turn the .py file into .exe to share it with my clients securely? At last, if anyone has some ideas that can help me to sell my project I will be grateful if you share your knowledge with me.

Honestly I searched a lot on youtube but did't find the answer to my questions.

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You can actually convert your Python file (.py) into executable (.exe) using pyinstaller as well as other tools, also, for the UI, if you're willing to create a GUI using style sheets, PySide or PyQt might be a good choice. as they let you style UIs with something called QSS (kinda like CSS). and if you want to use something more in web (CSS/JS/HTML), you can just use Eel.

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