ultra-noob. I have a server machine with cdh3u1 pseudo-distrib, and a client machine with a java application using the cdh3u1 API.

How do I configure the client to talk to the server? I've been googling for hours and couldn't find where is the "client configuration" file. The "hdfs-default", "core-default" and "mapred-default" and their "-site" counterparts all look like server (namenode and datanode) config to me.

Is it just "multipurpose client server" config and I should cherry-pick the attributes in these files that are appropriate to the client? which are they? probably missing something big here...

Thanks, Ido


make sure that the client machine can access the hadoop server machine ip. If you use a virtualbox for the hadoop server (cdh3 vm), then add a "host-only" network interface (see details here: host-only networking with virtualbox. I'm assuming that your static ip for the hadoop server is and that you're able to ping it from your client.

configure a hostname for your hadoop server machine in both the server and client machine. If you want to name your hadoop server "local-elephant", add the following line to /etc/hosts in both machines: local-elephant.

in the server machine goto /etc/hadoop/conf change the values of the following properties from "localhost" to "local-elephant": in core-site.xml the value of fs.default.name and in mapred-site.xml the value of mapred.job.tracker.

in the client machine, create core-site.xml and mapred-site.xml in the classpath of your java application. In those files put only the fs.default.name and mapred.job.tracker properties.

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