I need to read all csv files in a directory and add data in a single dataframe and returns the "FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'australia_annually.csv'" error reading the first file.

I've this code:

for filename in os.listdir('data/'):
df = pd.read_csv(filename)
if resultdf.empty:
    resultdf = df.copy(deep=True)
    df = df.iloc[0:0]
    resultdf = pd.concat([resultdf, df])
    df = df.iloc[0:0]


And I've a lot files to read. enter image description here

Any idea to solve it? Thanks a lot.

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    Does this answer your question? Python: Understanding os.listdir() Method - your issue is basically the same as in that question. The accepted answer there explains "It's because os.path.isfile(f) is checking whether f is a file; but f is under E:/figs/text." In particular, you need to prepend 'data/' to filename, as the error message states australia_annually.csv doesn't exist, not that data/australia_annually.csv doesn't exist, which is the file you want. Also consider indents. Mar 4 at 23:23
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    Print the filename and you'll see that its missing the path.
    – tdelaney
    Mar 4 at 23:33
  • ohhh..Ok thanks!!! filename havent the full path
    – Optimvs
    Mar 4 at 23:41

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The python docs don't make it as clear as they could, but os.listdir('data/') will return only the filenames, not the full paths to files. you need to join your path ('data/') to the filename, like so:

path = 'data'
for filename in os.listdir(path):
    df = pd.read_csv(os.join(path, filename)

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