This is my current code to get the conversations for my IG profile:

import requests

id = '<id>'
# URL and endpoint
url = f"https://graph.facebook.com/v19.0/{id}/conversations/"

# Parameters

params = {
    "platform": "instagram",
    "access_token": '<access_token>'

# Make the GET request
response = requests.get(url, params=params)

# Check the response status code (200 is OK)
print(f"Status Code: {response.status_code}")

# Print the response text to see the content

To which I'm getting the output:

Status Code: 200
{'data': []}

Steps taken for this after research:

  • Enabled Connected Tools > Enable Access To Messages (on IG) following this
  • Created and connected a facebook page for the account
  • Turned the account into a business account
  • Published the app live
  • Created another instagram account, under the same admin (with a page and turned to business) account on facebook and messaged both with each other
  • Waited 30 days
  • Allowed ALL permissions upon access token creation of account

Please help


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