I've been tasked with migrating my team's docs from Jekyll to Docusaurus. In Jekyll, I wrote a bunch of plugins that rely heavily on its register API (site.data, context.registers, and other hashes) to pass around a variety of data. One application of that was writing IDs and locations of various objects to the register in order to generate relative paths to them in links. Thus, I could use IDs in links instead of paths, meaning that if I changed the title of a page, the heading label, the figure caption, etc., and/or moved the page elsewhere in the structure, my links would not break; instead, they would regenerate the path and the label using updated register entries.

I do not seem to be able to find any universally accessible data register in Docusaurus API so I'd like to know if one exists at all. A similar discussion on GitHub indicates that other people have requested a feature like that but it's not been worked on.

Thank you all in advance!

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Found it: setGlobalData seemingly allows to perform the targeted manipulations.


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