My GUI application is not responsive, I want it to resize according to the window size.

Currently am using .place(x,y) for placing components.



Current components when windows maximized

Tried looking for a solution, and was informed of .pack() method for placing component, it has 2 paramas relative x (relx) and relative y (rely) in respect to its frame/master. Tested it out but still my GUI app isn't .responsive.

  • What does "not responsive" mean in that context ? What do you expect and what happens instead ? Mar 30 at 14:46
  • It is hard to create responsive GUI using place(). Post what you have tried on using pack().
    – acw1668
    Mar 30 at 17:41

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The .place(x, y) method always places a widget at the same spot.

If you want it to change when the window is resized you should add this line to your code:

root.bind("<Configure>", change_size)

Where change_size is a function which can be used to modify the widgets placement / size to match the window's size.

If you need the width and height of the window in the change_size function (you probably need those), this is the way to obtain them:

width = win.winfo_width()
height = win.winfo_height()

Hope I helped you, have a nice day.

  • So this is something like media query ? whenever window is resized first see the width and height and then , I have to specify/change positions of my gui components ?
    – yash shah
    Mar 31 at 15:01
  • Yep, that is the solution is use in my projects
    – fastattack
    Mar 31 at 20:12

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