I'm trying to set the UISwitch selected value and it's not responding!

Here is my code

I set the value to UISwitch. Default value is False.

[mailSwitch setSelected:TRUE];

Can someone help me.

  • Just made the same mistake. Thanks for asking :) – ecth Nov 25 '14 at 12:20

The property you’re looking for is on; in method form, -setOn: or -setOn:animated:.

selected is a generic property, declared on UIControl, which has no visible effect on a UISwitch.

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Would be something like this

[mailswitch setOn:YES animated:YES];
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setOn should work

When I developed an iPhone App, I had problems with checking the status of a checkbox, too. My workaround was to call a function everytime this checkbos is selected or deselected, and save the status then in another variable.

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