i have 1 dog page on Facebook, i usually post photo of dogs when ever i have time, so trying to write a scheduler that will take images from my system folder and upload and publish on my page.

i want to post images, from my local system to 1 of my managed pages. i have page access token. and using below curl i am getting response as well.

curl 'https://graph.facebook.com/v19.0/page_id/photos?published=true' -H 'Cookie: ps_l=0; ps_n=0; ps_l=0; ps_n=0' -F 'access_token="my_page_access_toekn"' -F 'source=@"/C:/Users/Downloads/cute_dog.jpg"' -F 'publish="true"

and i am getting response back

    "id": "38868xxxxx",
    "post_id": "10326941xxxxx_388682220xxxxx"

when i login from my own account, i can see the images being posted on the page. but when i login from my friend account, i don't see the image. i tried adding publish="true in body as well as in path param, but nothing seems working. for reference, i am following this page https://developers.facebook.com/docs/pages-api/posts

what am i missing?

  • Sounds like you are using an app id, that is still in test mode. You need to set your app live, otherwise any content created through it will only be visible to people that have a role in the app.
    – CBroe
    Apr 2 at 6:34


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