I'd like to include just the docstring of a specific function in my Sphinx documentation. However there seem to be no options to just display these details without associated class and function definitions using http://sphinx.pocoo.org/ext/autodoc.html

I've tried creating a class as outlined in show *only* docstring in Sphinx documentation but I'm not sure how this fits in with the templating.

I've also tried the autodoc-process-docstring event handler with no luck.

So rather than my documentation displaying (as it is currently):

class module.MyClass(param)

    This is the class doc string


        This is my method doc string

I just want to display:

This is my method doc string

My current template in a .txt file is:

.. autoclass:: module.MyClass
    :members: my_method
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After looking through the source and experimenting - here is how to do it in Sphinx 1.1.

In your conf.py file create a new MethodDocumenter subclass. Here you can set a new "objtype", make sure the docstring is not indented, and remove the title.

from sphinx.ext import autodoc

class SimpleDocumenter(autodoc.MethodDocumenter):
    objtype = "simple"

    #do not indent the content
    content_indent = ""

    #do not add a header to the docstring
    def add_directive_header(self, sig):

Then make sure this is added to the available documenters with the following function (again in conf.py):

def setup(app):

Then when you just want to display a method's docstring use the following format in your .txt or .rst files. Just prefix your objname with auto.

.. autosimple:: mod.MyClass.my_method

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