I have a project create and download image on frame with our site by javascript. After user move, zoom upload image on frame then create image and download to drive storage. With any browser in PC so it's working but when i click link from facebook or facebook messenger so facebook in-app browser does'nt allow download image when click download button, it say "Can't load page". But when i open link by external brower all function working. Can you help me some solutions pls This is create image function and way i do:

// Create and Download
        function createImage() {
            const mergedCanvas = document.createElement('canvas');
            const mergedContext = mergedCanvas.getContext('2d');
            //Draw image on frame //

            const mergedImageUrl = mergedCanvas.toDataURL('image/png');
            const link = document.createElement('a');
            link.href = mergedImageUrl;
            link.download = 'merged_image.png';
            link.target = '_blank'; // Mở liên kết trong một tab hoặc cửa sổ mới
<button class="download-image">Download</button>

I tried detecting the link open with facebook in-app browser and then forcing it to open with an external browser, but all methods failed to force facebook to open with an external browser to download.


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