I am still searching for a solution for my problem (see my previous post), I think I am close to the solution.

I have a problem to create a class which is an IEnumerator. I have written this code but Delphi ask me to complete GetTypeInfoCount, GetTypeInfo, GetIDsOfNames and Invoke. I am blocked.

My declaration:

  function MoveNext: WordBool; safecall;
  function Get_Current: OleVariant; safecall;
  procedure Reset; safecall;
  property Current: OleVariant read Get_Current;
  • Those methods (GetTypeInfoCount, GetTypeInfo, GetIDsOfNames and Invoke) are part of the standard COM interface IDispatch. IDispatch is useful for scrpting langauges that don't have compile-time knowledge of your class. If you don't need to support languages like Visual Basic, then you should change your class in your IDL to not descend from IDispatch. The phrasing may be "support OLE automation".
    – Ian Boyd
    Apr 2 at 17:48
  • Why are you posting another new question instead of just editing the last one you asked? They're about the same exact thing, and the other post has not been answered, which means there is no harm in editing it.
    – Ken White
    Apr 3 at 0:59


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