I have a table in Oracle with data as below: 

Oracle Table

Need to represent the data in PowerBI in below format:

PowerBI Representation

I tried transposing the data, but it didn't work as expected.

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Go to Power Query. Rename the column on the original table the way you want to see the row headers. Select the Month column, right-click on it, and select 'Unpivot Other Columns':

Unpivot scr

You will get this result:


After loading, create a Matrix, and use Month as Columns, Attribute as Rows, and Value as Values.

Final result:


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    Thanks for your inputs. I am able to get the data in specified format. But the total is adding all the counts. TOTAL_ON_PREM_SERVERS is the total of On-Prem count and TOTAL SERVER is the overall count. I have to segregate the data as per the screenshot above.
    – codeplex
    Apr 3 at 15:40
  • For the calculations of +/- Prev Month, I tried visual calculations in PowerBI , but not able to work on the below pointers. Below items I have to remove from the Matrix. 1) I only need the difference for the last month always , and it should be dynamic (i.e - in this case mar'24 - feb'24 , next month it will be apr'24-mar'24 & so on) 2) only the last month difference should be visible, so if i hide overall field is getting hidden. 3) Format the difference field to numeric (without .00), Not able format the field. Appreciate any help !
    – codeplex
    Apr 5 at 14:46

In Power Query, I right-clicked the newly created 'Attribute' column. Then selected 'Add column from examples'.

enter image description here

I typed for On-Prems - On Prem, for Cloud VMs - Cloud, and for Totals - null. This populated all rows as this example.

enter image description here

I renamed the column 'Type'.

From the previously created matrix, I filtered out the Totals:

enter image description here

I added the newly created Type column in the rows:

enter image description here

The result gives subtotals for each Type + Total VMs at the end:

enter image description here

You can position the Row totals at the bottom like this:

enter image description here

I hope this helped.

  • Thanks for your help. I am able to get the Total count separately. For calculating the difference +/- Prev Month, i have created a measure to find the difference between values for (current month -1) & (current month -2), but it's not working any suggestion will be helpful.
    – codeplex
    Apr 4 at 16:12

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