I have a Spring boot app 3.2.4 with java 21 with some circular references and I wanted to use the profile statement spring.main.allow-circular-references=true but it does not work. I do not know why? Has it been disabled? I see also the IntelliJ does not suggest it when typing like for other settings

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It is very difficult to say what the issue is without seeing the code but to answer your question Spring boot definitely still allows spring.main.allow-circular-references=true. Here is the Common Application Properties list of Spring Boot 3.2.4 which still contains spring.main.allow-circular-references.

Also, its always considered bad design to have a circular references but if you must have circular references in your code for some reason you can always use @Lazy.


public class CircularDependencyA {

private CircularDependencyB circB;

   public CircularDependencyA(@Lazy CircularDependencyB circB) {
       this.circB = circB;

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