I have a scheduled task that runs every 2 days to send reminders to people who haven't read and acknowledged documents on the system. The function works fine when I run it on the shell and all the results are correct. But when celery runs the task it gives (what I believe) cahced results.

Meaning that a user has acknowledged the document but the system still sends him reminders about the document.

below is my task:

@shared_task(bind=True, autoretry_for=(Exception,), retry_backoff=5, retry_kwargs={'max_retries': 5})
def acknowledgment_reminder(self):
     customers = Customer.objects.filter(is_deleted=False)

     for customer in customers:
        not_accepted = customer.not_accepted.filter(document__is_deleted=False, document__section__isnull=False)

    if not not_accepted:

    customer.send_email(email_type='not_accepted', not_accepted=not_accepted)
  • Can you try to use this? F ensures that database is hit. from django.db.models import F and not_accepted = customer.not_accepted.filter( document__is_deleted=False, document__section__isnull=False ).annotate(dummy=F('id'))
    – user70
    Apr 3 at 6:56


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