I am currently migrating a huge project from kentico 12 (.Net FGramework 4.8 MVC) to K13 (.Net8.0 MVC) and I have a really odd problem:

  • If I did any modifictaion on source code build and start a debug session, it works as expected.
  • If I start a new debug session without any modification on source code, I have an System.TypeLoadException: "Method 'get_ApplicationInstance' in type 'CMS.AspNetCore.Platform.HttpContextImpl' from assembly 'CMS.AspNetCore.Platform, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=834b12a258f213f9' does not have an implementation.'

The exception

To circonvent this issue, I added a dummy Console.WriteLine(....) that I Comment/Uncomment beetwen each debug session. But it is not really convenient...

how I handled it

  • Rebuild do not fix the issue
  • Originaly I thought my system was the cause, but a full reinstall (Windows and VS) did not fix it either.


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