I'm trying to add a new button to choose directory after choosing the perv direcotry (in order to choose multiple directories).

This select-directory button needs to appand everytime after I choose directory. How can I do that?

Edit: Attaching my code here:

# Method to create a file picker
self.images_dir = FileChooseRow(
            "Images Folder",

def button_clicked(e):
            self.add_images_dir.data += 1
            self.row = ft.Row()

# create button to add another file picker on screen on run time
self.add_images_dir = ft.IconButton(
            icon="add", tooltip="Add", height=40, on_click=button_clicked, data=0
self.row = ft.Row()

I need something like this: https://jsfiddle.net/SP8de/

  • please provide the code you have so far. Or please try to concisely explain what you are trying to accomplish. It sounds like you perhaps want a select directory widget where you can select multiple directories?
    – UpAndAdam
    Apr 9 at 21:02
  • Hi, just added my code @UpAndAdam
    – Omer
    Apr 10 at 8:21

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I guess this is what you want:

  • Press a "Chose directory button" (main button) to make another button appear.
  • Press the other button to chose a directory

I would firstly make a variable to store the added buttons and a row whose controls are set to the array. Then you can add your main button into it. Eg.

main_btn = ft.ElevatedButton(text="Chose directory")
added_btns = [main_btn]
r = ft.Row(added_btns)

Next, make the callback for the main button

def add_button(e: ft.ControlEvent):

    def dir_btn_pressed(e: ft.ControlEvent):

    new_btn = ft.TextButton(text="Chose Directory")

main_btn.onclick = add_button

Now implement the directory picker:

def dir_picked(e: ft.FilePickerResultEvent):
    print(f"Picked {e.path}")

picker = ft.FilePicker(on_result=dir_picked)

You may have to fix the odd typo :)

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