I need to create a "thermometer"-looking graph using (hopefully) ggplot2, so that I can place it inside a Shiny app.

Is it even possible to achieve something like this?! In reality, I only need one thermometer per plot, I don't even need more than one. Once I Shiny-fy it, user will change inputs and the thermometer color will change, but the color gradient should always stay consistent.

I just need help getting the initial thermometer done in ggplot2, I'm completely lost on how to do the rounded edges, gradient, icon next to it, etc.

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You can build a guide extension, which requires ggplot2 3.5.0+. First we need a constructor function that just passes a new parameter max to the guide, which will serve as the level to which the 'mercury' in the thermometer rises.


guide_thermometer <- function(max, ...) {
    max = max,
    ..., # Other parameters that colourbars accept
    super = GuideThermometer

Next we need a new guide class. Below, we're inheriting from the colourbar guide, registering the max parameter and tweaking the build_decor() method. The gist of the tweak is that we're re-using the colourbar guide's method of building the gradient and then using a rounded rectangle to clip the gradient (and also serve as a frame).

GuideThermometer <- ggproto(
  "GuideThermometer", GuideColourbar,
  # Registering the 'max' parameter as valid
  params = c(GuideColourbar$params, list(max = NULL)),
  build_decor = function(decor, grobs, elements, params) {
    # Setting the 'mercury level'
    if (!is.null(params$max)) {
      decor$colour[decor$value > params$max] <- NA

    # Re-use the coloubar method to build gradient
    grobs <- GuideColourbar$build_decor(decor, grobs, elements, params)

    # Make a rounded rectangle
    rounded <- grid::roundrectGrob(
      r = unit(0.5, "snpc"), 
      gp = grid::gpar(fill = NA)

    # Replace the frame with rounded rectangle
    grobs$frame <- rounded
    # Use rounded rectangle as a clipping path
    grobs$bar <- grid::editGrob(
      vp = grid::viewport(clip = rounded)

Lastly, you can use the new guide like below. Adding the smiley is just a matter of setting the right breaks and label in the scale.

ggplot(mpg, aes(displ, hwy, colour = cty)) +
  geom_point() +
    guide = guide_thermometer(max = 25),
    breaks = 25, label = "\u263a"
  ) +
  theme(legend.text = element_text(size = 16))

Created on 2024-04-12 with reprex v2.1.0

Disclaimer: I have no idea how this will pan out in shiny. Might need to use a device that supports the graphics features introduced in R 4.1.0, I think, due to the clipping path.

  • Thanks!! I only need the thermometer, though – that's going to be my actual plot, it's not supposed to be the legend. I wonder if I can still use this method in any case? I hadn't heard about guide classes.
    – Ainhoa
    Apr 18 at 10:47

You can create a quick-and-dirty thermometer with geom_segment:

temp <- 20
temps <- data.table(temp = seq(from = -15, to = temp, by = 0.01))
temps[, temp1 := shift(temp, 1)]

ggplot(temps, aes(x = 1)) +
  geom_segment(aes(y = -15, yend = 35), linewidth = 10, lineend =  c("round"), color = "black") +
  geom_segment(aes(y = -15, yend = 35), linewidth = 9.5, lineend =  c("round"), color = "white") +
  geom_segment(data = temps[1:100], aes(y = temp, yend = temp1, color = temp), lineend =  c("round"), linewidth = 9.5) +
  geom_segment(data = temps[-(1:100)], aes(y = temp, yend = temp1, color = temp), lineend =  c("square"), linewidth = 9.5) +
  scale_color_gradient(low = "green", high = "red", limits = c(-15, 35)) +

resulting plot

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