When trying to connect to the bin/bash of my ACI, both in the portal and in Azure cli, it gives me this error:

{"error":{"code":"GatewayTimeout","message":"The gateway did not receive any response from "Microsoft.ContainerInstance" within the specified time period."}}

Because I need a static public IP even if the version of my docker image changes, the chosen architecture is the one discussed in Configure a single public IP address for outbound and inbound traffic to a container group.

How can i solve this, because i need to know my IP output? or exist any option to know directly the IP output?

  • Have you tried to check the container instance status with az container show command? @Distopic
    – Jahnavi
    Commented Apr 12 at 8:18

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The error you see typically suggests that ACI service didn't respond on time when you tried to connect to the container's shell.

Here's what you can try: Ensure that the container instance is running and in a healthy state:

az container show --resource-group [ResourceGroupName] --name [ContainerInstanceName] --query "{ProvisioningState:provisioningState,State:containers[0].instanceView.currentState.state}"

Check the logs of the container instance:

az container logs --resource-group [ResourceGroupName] --name [ContainerInstanceName]

Try restarting it:

az container restart --resource-group [ResourceGroupName] --name [ContainerInstanceName]

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