I have java project, i want to convert a multi-module project (module). I have a parent project, i want to add my existing project in parent. I like a eclipse style file structure does it possible to add existing project in Parent.

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First create pom.xml files in all projects, then:

Old school:

Run mvn eclipse:eclipse, switch to eclipse and do Import > Existing Projects

New School:

Install m2e, don't run eclipse:eclipse (because it has no effect on m2e) and do Import > Maven > Existing Maven Projects

Don't mix the two, they are not compatible with each other.

  • Hi Sean, Okay let's say i have project "D" which is pure eclipse java project. I right-click > enable dependency management > it create POM.xml file. My problem is, I want make project "D" as child project of parent project "A". Project "A" contain packaging type "POM". I attempt another way also, after i turn my existing project "D" into mavan java project. I delete project (not physical location) and then, i Import > Maven > Existing Maven Project. However it does not make linked. Any suggestion – user553710 Oct 20 '11 at 7:33

You have to configure the pom.xml of the child project ("D"). You need to insert the tag with the follow configuration: groupId, artifactId and version.

And into the parent's pom.xml you need to add the new module child ( tag).

e.g. D pom.xml


A pom.xml

    <module>D</module> --> It is the artifact Id

Install Maven Plugin for Eclipse (m2e). Then in your project (command line), at the root level type mvn eclipse:eclipse. Reimport the generated project in Eclipse (Import Existing Projects into Workspace) and you should be all set.

  • That's nonsense. Use either m2e, or eclipse:eclipse, but not both. – Sean Patrick Floyd Oct 20 '11 at 6:58
  • I have m2eclipse. I have a project of multi-module, what i want is to convert my existing eclipse project to multi-module for e.g a project "A" is parent project which contain "POM" type packaging and there are child projects "B" and "C", which has linked to project "A". Now I have existing eclipse project called "D", which want to linked with parent project "A". How to solve this issue ? I am not looking create new multi-module project. Thank you – user553710 Oct 20 '11 at 7:25

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