How to execute a BAT file that is in a folder beyond 300 characters in length? The parameter to CreateProcess throws the error:

The filename or extension is too long

I successfully manage long file names elsewhere with \\?\. I am using Delphi Alexandria.

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    I'm pretty sure you try to launch cmd.exe and that one is complaining. Why not at least adding the code you use?
    – AmigoJack
    Apr 13 at 7:29
  • How about doing a CHDIR to the directory containing the .BAT file before executing it, so you don't need to specify the path on the command line?
    – HeartWare
    Apr 15 at 6:17

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Documentation for CreateProcessW states:

To run a batch file, you must start the command interpreter; set lpApplicationName to cmd.exe and set lpCommandLine to the following arguments: /c plus the name of the batch file.

[in, out, optional] lpCommandLine

The command line to be executed.

The maximum length of this string is 32,767 characters, including the Unicode terminating null character. If lpApplicationName is NULL, the module name portion of lpCommandLine is limited to MAX_PATH characters.

So I'm guessing you have your application name set to NULL and then simply pass the filename of your batch file as lcCommandLine parameter which is then limiting you to MAX_PATH length.


Unless you find something better, some ugly way to solve it could be to first create a Symbolic Link called for example 'a' to the large named folder. Something like this:

New-Item -ItemType SymbolicLink -Path "c:\a" -Target "c:\VeryVeryVeryLoooongPaaaathhhh"

So then instead of calling the bat using the original path:


you can call:


Depending on what you are doing, you should then remove the symbolic link, and/or control wether it is already created. (I haven't tested the syntaxis, so some minor adjustments might be necesary).

  • Something better is to use the 8.3 names of each folder of a path using GetShortPathNameW(). Your solution relies on PowerShell, which is, again, starting a process (instead of doing it in the program).
    – AmigoJack
    Apr 13 at 13:01

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