I've had some old code that uses OpenSSL 1 dumped on me. I'm not really familiar with OpenSSL at all. Trying to get this code working with OpenSSL 3 but running into compilation issues. I've been reading the OpenSSL docs and searching for any examples of verifying RSA Signatures with Open SSL 3 and not able to find anything.

Running on Redhat 9 and using C++.

I've managed to get other parts of the code modified to use OpenSSL 3, but not sure how to convert the code below to use OpenSSL 3 for verifying RSA Signatures?

Currently seeing a whole lot of the following compiler warnings/errors:

warning: ‘RSA* RSA_new()’ is deprecated: Since OpenSSL 3.0 [-Wdeprecated-declarations]

error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘RSA’ {aka ‘struct rsa_st’}

note: forward declaration of ‘RSA’ {aka ‘struct rsa_st’}

I've copied the code below and removed the error handling to try and make it easier to follow.

int32 Crypto::VerifyRSASig(const string* pStrSignature, char* pData, uint32 uSize, const string * pStrRSAKeyLabel)

    int32 ret;
    int32 evpret;

    EVP_MD_CTX* ctx = EVP_MD_CTX_new();
    EVP_PKEY* pkey = NULL;
    CK_RV rv;
    CK_ATTRIBUTE dataValueTemplate[] = {
        {CKA_MODULUS, NULL_PTR, 0},

    uint32 i;
    RSA* pRSA = NULL;

    pkey = EVP_PKEY_new();

        this->FindObject(CKO_PUBLIC_KEY, *pStrRSAKeyLabel, &hPublicKey);

        rv = C_GetAttributeValue(session, hPublicKey, dataValueTemplate, sizeof (dataValueTemplate) / sizeof (CK_ATTRIBUTE));

        for (i = 0; i < sizeof (dataValueTemplate) / sizeof (CK_ATTRIBUTE); i++)
            dataValueTemplate[i].pValue = malloc(dataValueTemplate[i].ulValueLen);

        // call second time to actually retrieve public key
        rv = C_GetAttributeValue(session, hPublicKey, dataValueTemplate, sizeof (dataValueTemplate) / sizeof (CK_ATTRIBUTE));


    pRSA = RSA_new();

    pRSA->n = BN_bin2bn((unsigned char *) 
                 (int) dataValueTemplate[0].ulValueLen, NULL);
    pRSA->e = BN_bin2bn((unsigned char *) 
                   (int) dataValueTemplate[1].ulValueLen, NULL);

    evpret = EVP_PKEY_assign_RSA(pkey, pRSA);
    evpret = EVP_VerifyInit(ctx, EVP_sha256());
    evpret = EVP_VerifyUpdate(ctx, pData, uSize);
    evpret = EVP_VerifyFinal(ctx, (const unsigned char *) 
        pStrSignature->c_str(), pStrSignature->size(), pkey);

  • Does this answer your question? error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type ‘RSA {aka struct rsa_st}’
    – Shawn
    Apr 20 at 1:24
  • 1
    This was an OpenSSL 1.1 change iirc
    – Shawn
    Apr 20 at 1:24
  • Side note: Deprecation warnings should be easy to handle: Either change the code to not use the deprecated functions/types any more and use the suggested replacements (see the documentation) or you accept the fact that they are deprecated and will go away in the future, but are still there, so you just use them (for now) and ignore the warnings. Remember: Deprecated just means "shouldn't be used if possible and will be removed in the future", it does not mean "is not available currently". You can use deprecated functionality now - just don't expect to be able to do so long-term. Apr 20 at 1:39
  • Your question would improve if you changed your code into a minimal reproducible example. Apr 20 at 1:41


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