When the immersive space is dismissed by actions outside my app, how can I detect that happened and execute code based on that?

I need to be able to reset the scene and allow the user to relaunch the immersive space after they dismiss the scene by answering alerts from another app, or pressing the button on top of the headset. But I don't know how to detect that has occurred.

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You can use onDismiss

    ImmersiveSpace(id: "ImmersiveSpace") {
            .onDisappear {
                isShowingImmersive = false

or better yet scenePhase

struct ImmersiveView: View {
    @Environment(\.scenePhase) private var scenePhase
    @Binding var isShowingImmersive: Bool
    var body: some View {
        RealityView { content in
            // Add the initial RealityKit content
            if let scene = try? await Entity(named: "Immersive", in: realityKitContentBundle) {
        }.task(id: scenePhase) {
            switch scenePhase {
            case .inactive, .background:
                isShowingImmersive = false
            case .active:
                isShowingImmersive = true

You can use .task(id:) to do things when the Scene is being shown or not.

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