Microsoft's OneDrive website has many pages where the scroll bar doesn't work with page up/down keys when the page loads: you have to click a region of the page near the scroll bar, then keys start working. (Happens with the landing page, the "On This Day" page, etc.)

I want to write a tampermonkey script that does this click when the page loads. I've poked around in DevTools for quite some time trying to figure out what happens/changes when I make this click, and I'm at a loss.

How do I go about watching this work in DevTools? Which view reveals it? Should I be using a different tool? Are there js commands I can run from the console that help me out here?

I'm using the latest Google Chrome browser.

MRE unavailable for obvious reasons, but if you have an account, pages would be at onedrive.live.com or pages under it like "On This Day".

  • do you mean the microsoft 365 website? (www.office.com), please provide more information.
    – GTK
    15 hours ago
  • onedrive.live.com or "On This Day" photo page under it. Thanks for considering my question.
    – JimB
    11 hours ago
  • I cannot replicate this issue, and I can't find the "on this day" page, perhaps it's only available on paid/old account? on the main page (onedrive.live.com), I can use the keyboard to scroll as soon as the page loads
    – GTK
    9 hours ago
  • It is a paid account. If I open a new tab and go to onedrive.live.com, the keyboard paging doesn't work. If I click in an area that starts it working, then reload the page with F5, the keyboard paging still works after the reload. Curious difference.
    – JimB
    5 hours ago
  • try focusing that area in code using element.focus(); that's usually what happens when you click an element. You can also check the value of document.activeElement when scrolling works and when it doesn't.
    – GTK
    5 hours ago


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