Im not sure if this is the correct place to start a discussion but here it goes.

Im working on an Angular project which is heavily relying on complex forms and it is expected to be live for the next 10+ years. We need to rewrite the current forms and are considering if we should use front end library Formly as it is very powerful and will cover a lot of the business cases and requirements.

Question is: is Formly future proof? I think only one person is maintaining this library which is a big concern, what happens if he doesnt want to maintain it anymore? I cant understand if this library has been accepted by the community but i dont see any valid alternative as well?

Any feedback of anyone who has used the library would be appreciated.

  • nothing is future proof, but you can just build your application through reactive forms, angular supports it and has a rich ecosystem to support it. Else trust the formly ecosystem, but going plain angular is the safest course! Apr 24 at 4:39
  • 1
    Using formly on my project, and tbh I can't recommand it, unless you are only using basic forms. As soon as you start to need more complex custom forms (validation, UI...), formly start to become a nightmare. Hard to find resources, documentation is poor, adding unecessary complexity for features that should be straigh forward. Ofc this is a personal opinion and formly can have some uses, but we are condidering getting rid of it to be back on good old reactive forms.
    – Sa Hagin
    Apr 24 at 12:02


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