enter image description here I am trying to update the facebook sdk for ios on my facebook business account, before it was a lower version everything was working fine, but recently i got a warning to update the sdk to the latest version, after updating to 17.0.0 i still see the same warning and it doesn't work . After contacting support, they give me the same message again "you need to update the SDK to the latest version". What did I do wrong?

I did everything according to this instruction https://developers.facebook.com/docs/ios/ enter image description here after failure, I tried to remove the dependency and install everything again, i created a new one app in the Facebook developer account .Not Help

  • Xcode Version 15.2
  • deployment IOS Version 15
  • Facebook Sdk 17.0.0 was added first time via CocoaPod then via Swift Packages
  • Audience Network SDK 6.15.0 added

my AppDelegate.swift

enter image description here


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