I have a thin cluster set up to start 3 servers:


wait: 30
servers: 3
daemonize: true

and the I use thin restart -C /etc/thin/myapp.yml to restart. However, I would like to restart each server at a time, to reduce downtime.

Is there a way to restart each server by pid number or location for example?

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There is something better for you try option: --onebyone

you may also add the following line to your config file

onebyone: true

afterwards you able to restart you thin cluster without any downtime.

  • works great, thank you. Another thing is you might want to increase the wait: 30 time if your server takes longer than that to start.
    – deb
    Oct 21, 2011 at 14:50

I know the question has been answered, but I'd like to add the -o option to the mix.


thin restart -C /etc/thin/myapp.yml -o 3000

Will only start the server running on port 3000. If let's say you have two other servers running on 3001 and 3002, they'll be left untouched.

-o works with start and stop commands too.


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