This looks like a common issue, although I've spent an entire day on it and cannot get the Facebook JS SDK to return my email. I've set my email address visibility to public, unlocked my profile and my email address is also verified.

No matter what I do I only get the ID, first name and last name... if I add birthday or most other fields, that works; but no email address.

When I look at the App in my Facebook profile, I can see it has the email permission. Remove it and add it again and no change. Any suggestions on my code below would be greatly appreciated?! Thank you.

<script async defer crossorigin="anonymous" src="https://connect.facebook.net/en_US/sdk.js"></script>

window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
        appId : "myAppIDIsHere",
        cookie : true,
        xfbml : true,
        version : "v19.0"

    FB.login (function (fbResponse) {
        console.log (fbResponse);
        if (fbResponse.authResponse) {
            accessToken = fbResponse.authResponse.accessToken;
            FB.api ('/me', { fields: 'email,first_name,last_name' }, function (fbResponse2) {
                console.log (fbResponse2);
    }, { scope: 'email,public_profile' });
  • The code looks alright, there is nothing to change about it that could make it work any "better." Facebook themselves have stated in the past, that even with all the known requirements fulfilled, there might still be some edge cases in which you won't get an email address, perhaps it is one of those cases. Maybe try adding a new, additional email to your profile, and then try and go through the hole process (beginning with granting the permissions to your app) again.
    – CBroe
    May 6 at 13:59


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