In a project I am using CQRSlite and Simple Injector. My first try to register the event handlers:

    container.Register(typeof(ICancellableEventHandler<>), typeof(MaterialAddedToOperationHandler).Assembly);

This ended up in a HandlerNotResolvedException within CQSRlite. After a quick check I discovered that the CQRSlite RouteRegistrar is unfortunately requesting the concrete event handler types. So my registration above is useless and the only clean solution I found is registering every single one of them.

Having a bunch of event handlers I would prefer not to clutter my container initialization with all those single concrete type registrations.

My quick workaround is enabling the old handling of unregistered concrete types.

container.Options.ResolveUnregisteredConcreteTypes = true;

Understanding the idea behind this being disabled, I would prefer to keep it disabled.

What alternatives to register these event handlers do I have?



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