I used to post on Facebook the link from my LinkedIn’s newsletter but, since a few months ago, don’t show the preview, just show the LinkedIn home url

I was in contact with support but the said is Facebook problem, the thing is that I tried with different links on different Facebook accounts and different computers and the problem is the same, JUST WITH LINKEDIN. Even that I tried to find a way to contact Support at Facebook, is awful, I didn’t found any way to that I repeat, the problem is just with LinkedIn links, if I paste links from somewhere else, Works, on the other side, the same link copied, If I paste on email or Whatsapp IT WORKS.

So, the problem is precisely the LinkedIn link pasted in Facebook

  • You could debug the URL to see if the relevant Open graph meta data is set, developers.facebook.com/tools/debug But if that tool says that it isn't, then there is little you, or anyone here, can do about that - this would be a problem linkedin would have to fix then.
    – CBroe
    May 13 at 13:39


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