I have created a Spring 3 + Hibernate project using Maven in Eclipse. How can I deploy my project to a Tomcat server using Maven.

Help is highly appreciated.


If you add the Tomcat Maven plugin, all you have to do is

mvn tomcat:deploy

(after adding the server to your Maven configuration)


Adding to what @Sean Patrick Floyd and @Michael Borgwardt had already suggested, If you are using Eclipse, you can also follow this to generate your .war file.

I assume the project is Maven enabled, Else:

  • Right click on your project -> Select Maven -> Select Enable Dependency Management.

To generate the .war:

  • Right click on your project -> Select Run As -> Select Maven Package.

This will generate a war file into target directory located in your project.

To deploy to Tomcat:

  • Copy the generated war file to your webapps directory in Tomcat.

Easy enough:

On the command line, run

mvn clean install


mvn clean package

Upload the resulting war file to Tomcat via the Tomcat Manager Interface.

You'll find the war file at ${basedir}/target/${artifactId}-${version}.war


Use tomcat maven plugin:



I am not sure what you exactly want to do. If you want to do some integration tests, and need therefore to deploy the project in the server, you can also use maven cargo.


I agree with Michael, you should using Tomcat Maven plugin

First, adding those configures in you pom.xml:


Then, you can deploy your web site with one maven command:

mvn tomcat7:deploy

If you need to undeploy the old deployment first, you can using :


There is slight difference if you are using old version tomcat. You should refer Tomcat Maven plugin doc.


You could also use Apache Cargo, which is more general than the Tomcat Maven plugin.

Here is an answer to a related question:



You can create war file of project using maven. Then you can deploy it in the webapps folder of your tomcat.


You must be edit server.xml in your workspace:

            <Context path="/<myproject>" docBase="<myproject>">
                <Resources className="org.apache.naming.resources.VirtualDirContext"
                    extraResourcePaths="/../<workspace>/<myproject>/src/main/webapp" />
                <Loader className="org.apache.catalina.loader.VirtualWebappLoader"
                    virtualClasspath="/../<workspace>/<myproject>/target/classes;/Users/<myuser>/.m2/repository/log4j/log4j/1.2.15/log4j-1.2.15.jar" />
                <JarScanner scanAllDirectories="true" />

Because, the project structure generate by maven is different. It work with appfuse web application. Also you must be run "mvn tomcat7:deploy"

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