I am trying to create a 5 Card-Draw poker game (single player with up to 4 bots) for my 85 year old father to use hopefully on a tablet - using touch controls. I have been learning python and I am fine using python to help continue my learning. I am also learning django. I found a great pokergame opensource python program that uses terminal input and output - I am using this to refactor for the game.

I have been using AI (with mixed results) to help assist while also digging deep into the logic. I am now at a point where the game I am creating for my father is turning into a python/django/bootstrap5/websockets web game. It is proving to be a great learning opportunity but frustrating in the level of complexity. Is this still a good approach for a poker game? I figured if I hosted it I could update it much easier for him. That said, it seems much much easier if I just used pygame and made a executable game that could play on the tablet. I am all ears for opinions as I am just learning and need all the help I can get. Also if anyone wants to collaborate on this I can tell you more of what I was hoping to build and what already exists. Thanks so much.

  • The fact that there are hundreds of online poker sites today making huge money should tell you this is a viable path. It's a perfect web app, because it's a request/response model. There's not a lot of independent activity. May 15 at 23:36
  • Please clarify your specific problem or provide additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it's hard to tell exactly what you're asking.
    – Community Bot
    May 16 at 6:13

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  1. simplify.

Will the extra complexity of an AI feature in the poker app be worth it? I'd just set up a random number selector with a dictionary assigning values for numbers between 0-51, but I'm no expert. (in poker or python lol)

Maybe ask AI for help in breaking down the project in smaller bites? I've been working on some complex stuff that's been made mush easier to understand with Claude 3 Opus, for example.

  • No it is not AI within the game. I am just using it to help code. The question is more of how sound of a architecture is it to go the Django, python, websocket path and will the game work well as a web game for my father.
    – Jeff Tabb
    May 15 at 22:39

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