I have an app that use goRoute with bottomNavigation bar, and inside any routes i need to open a ModalBottomSheet (over bottomNavBar) for show some data. Here it is an example of my goRouter implementation:

static final router = GoRouter(
initialLocation: homePath,
navigatorKey: rootNavKey,
routes: [
    builder: (context, state, navigationShell) {
      return MainScreen(
        navigationShell: navigationShell,
    branches: [
      // home branch
      StatefulShellBranch(navigatorKey: homeNavKey, routes: homeRoutes),
      StatefulShellBranch(navigatorKey: otherNavKey, routes: Routes),

static final otherRoutes = [
  path: otherMainPath,
  pageBuilder: (context, state) {
    return OtherPage();
  routes: [
        path: otherDetailPath,
        pageBuilder: (context, state) {
         return OtherDetailPage();

Now, if i open a modalBottomSheet from inside OtherDetailPage, if i press device back button modalBottomSheet does not close, but app navigates back to OtherPage

This is how i open modalBottomSheet:

  isScrollControlled: true,
  useRootNavigator: true,
  context: context,
  enableDrag: false,
  builder: (context) {
    return MyModalContent();

I want that modal closes on back button. How can i fix it?

  • Same problem. Tried PopScope and override backButtonDispatcher. It doesn't help. Commented May 24 at 11:18

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This problem has an issue on github

  1. Simple solution its downgrade to v12
  2. Try workaround with code enter image description here

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