I have a simple Python script:

import flet as fl
def main(page:fl.Page):
    def print_values(e):
        for input_value in column.controls:print(input_value)
    column=fl.Column(controls=[fl.TextField() for n in range(5)])

I add to the page some Textfields, using a for-loop. How can I print their values after the input? I suppose those are the column's children. Edited a bit, and I get this:

textfield {'value': 'homer'}
textfield {'value': 'bart'}
textfield {'value': 'marge'}
textfield {'value': 'maggie'}
textfield {'value': 'lisa'}
  • Please read tag descriptions before using tags. From python-3.x: "DO NOT USE UNLESS YOUR QUESTION IS FOR PYTHON 3 ONLY. Always use alongside the standard [python] tag."
    – Adriaan
    Commented May 29 at 8:43

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for input_value in column.controls:print(input_value.value)

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