i am currently using the RestClient and cannot seem to figure out how to output the request xml and response xml for debugging and informational purpose...

I tried the solution mentioned here: http://agileice.blogspot.com/2009/09/pretty-printing-xml-results-returned.html

But that fails to work, any other suggestions?


Since it depends on HTTPClient, you could try enabling header and wire logging for your script.




The accepted answer (turn on wire logging using log4j) is basically correct, but I've had a fair bit of trouble turning on wire logging for HTTP builder in my Groovy script. For some reason, dropping a log4j.xml file in my $GROOVY_HOME/conf directory isn't working. Ultimately, I had to just add the appropriate logging options to the groovy command when I was running it.


If you're using spring-boot you can set logging.level in your application properties file and use an slf4j back-end.



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