Facebook video aways starts at the beginning I have tried every thing including the facebook sdk everthing works fine on a pc but not on any mobile device example


This youtbe url with a start time works perfectly on mobile devices. https://youtu.be/SVRmTNtTvLA?t=1318

I stream all our 8 Ball comps I prefere the Facebook platform I really don't want to change to youtube because of this. Can anybody please help cheer's

I have been trying to solve this with zero success

  • "This youtbe url with a start time works perfectly on mobile devices." - that's nice, but also not all too relevant here. These are two very different implementations. If Facebook didn't manage to make theirs work on mobile, regarding the jump to a specific position in the video - then that's something Facebook would have to fix.
    – CBroe
    Commented Jun 11 at 8:08


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