crucial are events for capturing checking and getting ACC file information that are not implemented presents an issue

OnBeforeCheckIn - in arguments provide a plant3d document ev. path to a file that is about to be checked in, should be cancellable - so

any plugin can eg. validate whether the file is in desirable state and if not cancel the check in OnAfterCheckIn - in arguments provide cloud document that has been just checked in

custom “create new” dialog possibility simply by using cancellable event OnDocumentCreate - providing cloud project, local path to folder where file will be placed (selected folder in project tree) so we can create our own create dialog that can treat various part of project (folders) differently, apply custom naming standard based on dropdown selections in custom dialog and will create new drawing programmatically

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    What's the actual question here? Are you sure your question is programming-related? How to Ask
    – DarkBee
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