I am really new to coding and barely know anything about it, I have been learning c++ from learncpp.com and have been stuck on the chapter no. 2.8 where it tells us how to compile program with multiple files but it is not very clear abt how to do it in vs code. Can anyone just tell me in a bit of a simple manner cause i cant really understand the other similar post on this topic.

In lerancpp it says to do this To create a new file, choose View > Explorer from the top nav to open the Explorer pane, and then click the New File icon to the right of the project name. Alternately, choose File > New File from the top nav. Then give your new file a name (don’t forget the .cpp extension). If the file appears inside the .vscode folder, drag it up one level to the project folder.

Next open the tasks.json file, and find the line "${file}",.

You have two options here:

If you wish to be explicit about what files get compiled, replace "${file}", with the name of each file you wish to compile, one per line, like this: "main.cpp", "add.cpp", but when i did go and replace "${file}" with the file names it showed me that compiler doesn't have any such commands or something along those lines

  • I am really new to coding and barely know anything about it For the c or c++ language VSCode is far from being a beginner friendly IDE. It's more of an IDE for experienced users.
    – drescherjm
    Commented Jun 15 at 12:23
  • The documentation tells you about this 1 file default behavior and how to fix it here: https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/cpp/config-mingw#_modifying-tasksjson if you use a different OS or compiler each have their own documentation that explains this behavior. With that said if you don't read this part of documentation very carefully you could easily miss the information.
    – drescherjm
    Commented Jun 15 at 12:25


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