I need to use Perl to replace an entire line if it has a match to a regular expression.

For example, if I have this file below:

Chicago no
Baltimore no
New York no

And I have a regex that returns matches for "Baltimore"

With a saved string containing "Baltimore yes"

How can I use perl to replace the line containing the match with my new line, Baltimore yes:

Chicago no
Baltimore yes
New York no

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This replaces the entire line by including the rest of the line (.*) in the match, as requested:

perl -i -pe's/^Baltimore\b.*/Baltimore yes/' file

Alternate approach:

perl -i -ple'$_ = "Baltimore yes" if /^Baltimore\b/' file

This Keeps Baltimore or Baltimore and replaces what follows:

perl -i -pe's/^Baltimore\b\K.*/ yes/' file
perl -i -pe's/^Baltimore\s\K.*/yes/' file

Use Perl's -i flag for in-place editing. Use Perl's -pe flag to loop through the file line by line. Use a regular expression to match and replace the line.

You can do:

perl -i -pe 's/^Baltimore no$/Baltimore yes/' filename.txt

If you want a more flexible solution that replaces any line containing "Baltimore" with "Baltimore yes", you can use:

perl -i -pe 's/^Baltimore.*$/Baltimore yes/' filename.txt

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