Can the accelerometer detect the movement of the device (e.g. if I drag the device up, down, left, or right)? Please provide a sample implementation.

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Accelerometers and gyroscopes can detect device's angle and acceleration on the 3 axes.

Since the acceleration itself does not tell you the speed nor distance, you can know them.

BUT if you know the device's speed is currently 0, and it begins to accelerate, you can know its speed and distance by basic physics equations: You track the device acceleration. lets make the tracking resolution to be milliseconds. So each millisecond, speed += Acceleration * 0.001 and distance += (speed * 0.001) + (Acceleration * 0.001 * 0.001 /2). This tracks movement in a single direction.

Notice that you have to decide what is the direction of the acceleration, speed and distance, which will be a Vector3. Then use some maths transformations to transform the current acceleration vector to your direction. I suggest that the direction will be flat comparing to the earth. Makes stuff easier later.

This can be used to tell if the device is moving (speed!=0, although if the movement is exactly perpendicular to your vector, the device might be moving but speed==0 is true) and which direction is the movement


Accelerometers detect acceleration, not constant motion. So your accelerometer will detect motion as it starts and stops, but can't tell you how far your device moved.


please, look at this thread: Android TYPE_LINEAR_ACCELERATION sensor - what does it show?

I detect speed, movement of device using accelerometer. But i have trouble when using LINEAR_ACCELEROMETER sensor. Anyway, it's impossible to calculate movement without calibration at start point.

  • So you detect movement with accelerometer? Can you give me am idea how to implement this? I'm very thank to you if you would – Bharata Oct 24 '11 at 2:11

There's a good example of how to calculate linear acceleration from a regular Sensor.TYPE_ACCELEROMETER on the Android Developer site:


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