I have a Facebook token that I'm trying to access Pages with but the API is returning an empty array. That seems like a simple permissions issue but when I debug the token in Facebook's Token Debugger it shows I have permissions to multiple pages.

Is there a way to get the pages to show up in the /me/accounts endpoint? Or is there an endpoint that can get me the granular scopes as listed on the Token Debugger?

Facebook Token Debugger shows pages

Graph API doesn't show pages

  • Are you sure the token belongs to the user who has admin access to the pages?
    – Archulan R
    Commented Jul 4 at 7:45
  • They might not. Do you know if there's an API to retrieve the granular scopes from the token debugger? Commented Jul 5 at 13:10

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Fist of all, Check whether you are missing pages_read_user_content permission. And to answer your question in the comment, Yes, Facebook provides APIs that can help you retrieve information about access tokens, including the scopes granted to them.

Endpoint: https://graph.facebook.com/debug_token


input_token: The access token you want to debug.

access_token: An app access token or an app developer's user access token.

e.g: GET https://graph.facebook.com/debug_token?input_token={input_token}&access_token={access_token}

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