I have successfully created a hierarchical tree in Oracle Forms, Tkinter Python Listbox, and Treeview with only one column. However, I now require a tree with five columns: tree code, title, ac-code, dr-amount, cr-amount, and balance. Kindly provide me with the Tkinter code for a multi-column hierarchical tree.

import tkinter
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk
from tkinter import messagebox
from ttkbootstrap import Style



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Here is an example for you.


  • create the root window
  • create the treeview widget
  • assign the number of columns and their ids
  • create column headers
  • create the top level items
  • create the children
from tkinter import *
from tkinter import ttk

root = Tk()

# Create the treeview
tree = ttk.Treeview(root)

# assign column ids
tree["columns"] = (1,2,3,4)

# create columns
tree.column(1, width=50)
tree.column(2, width=25)
tree.column(3, width=25)
tree.column(4, width=25)

# create column headers
tree.heading(1, text="column A")
tree.heading(2, text="column B")
tree.heading(3, text="column C")
tree.heading(4, text="column D")

# create first row item
row1 = tree.insert("", 0, text="Line 1", values=("1A", "1b", "1c", "1d"))

# Create second row item
row2 = tree.insert("", "end", text="Line 2", values=("2A", "2B", "2c", "2d"))

# create first child of first row item
tree.insert(row1, "end", "Line1_1", text="Line1_1", values=("1A_1", "1b_1", "1c_1", "1d_1"))

# create first child of second row item
sub2_1 = tree.insert(row2, "end", text="Line2_1", values=("2A_1", "2B_1", "2c_1", "2d_1"))

# create first child of the first child of the first row item
tree.insert("Line1_1", "end", text="Line1_1_1", values=("1_1_1A", "1_1_1B"))

# create the first child of the first child of the second row item
tree.insert(sub2_1, "end", text="sub dir 2-2", values=("2_1_1A", "2_1_1B"))

# pack and run

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