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I have my main initialization script which calls require() and one of the dependencies is a utilities framework, but some of the other modules that I'm specifying via require() also themselves have defined this framework as a dependency.

For example (init.js):

require(['module-a', 'module-b', 'module-c'], function(a, b, c){
    // where module-c is the framework

And then in 'module-a' I have:

define(['module-c'], function(c){
    // utilize module-c framework

So how does AMD/RequireJs handle this scenario, does it load the same framework twice?

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards, Mark

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It will only be loaded once, both of the above modules will get the same module value for 'module-c'.

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Many thanks for confirming! That's exactly what I was hoping would happen because in my mind specifying the dependancy within each module made more sense as it meant I'd be able to take that module and re-use it elsewhere in a completely different another project. – Integralist Oct 23 '11 at 18:49
Internally, the AMD loader keeps track of (i.e. caches) all modules. When the modules are optimized/concatenated together, this is not interesting. However, if any of the modules are loaded just-in-time, it's important to note that the AMD loader keeps track of requests so that two near-simultaneous requests don't attempt to download the same module more than once. – unscriptable Oct 24 '11 at 17:26

Incase its useful to others - Here's a situation I came across where a module was loaded twice:

For the following project structure:


where the RequireJs baseurl is ~/prj/js/app

fileA.js refers to the external (ext) dependancy publisher.js as:

define(['../ext/publisher'], function(){});

But fileB.js refers to the same dependancy with a different path:

define(['../../ext/publisher'], function(){});

In short, for both files, the dependency paths are different although the dependancy is in the same location. In this case, publisher.js gets loaded twice.

Use Firebug's Net tab to see it loading twice:

dependency.js being loaded twice (firebug)

This is easily fixed using paths to configure the external folder path (as explained in the require_js docs):

    paths: {ext: '../ext'}

After setting paths, the dependency is loaded just once with fileA.js and fileB.js both using the same dependency path as follows:

define(['ext/publisher'], function(){});


define(['ext/publisher'], function(){});
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