I use facebook_app_events 0.19.2 in my app.

In the iOS application everything works well, but in Android I don’t see events in the Facebook event manager.

I followed all the setup recommendations from here. https://pub.dev/packages/facebook_app_events

I have a separate application in the Facebook console for Android, and in the advanced settings they tell me to update the version: enter image description here

As far as I understand, the library facebook_app_events should contain the latest Facebook SDK.

So what can I do? Perhaps I will have to add a native implementation of the Facebook SDK for the Android version?

  • What's preventing you from upgrading to 13.0.0? Commented Jun 28 at 11:47
  • @LawrenceGimenez This was partly what my question was about. I'm using a flutter library, which should include the latest SDK (and this works in the case of iOS). If Facebook does not see events, should I then try to integrate the native Android Facebook SDK in my flutter app?
    – Dima
    Commented Jun 28 at 12:31
  • Yeah why not try upgrading everything and see how it goes. Commented Jun 28 at 12:32


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