I'm looking for a function in C++ that for swap the contents of a map ... that is: those that were the keys now become the items and those that the items were now the keys. Can you tell me if there is something about this?

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    You might want to do this for multimaps, since values in a map are not necessarily distinct. – Ray Toal Oct 23 '11 at 18:35
  • I am sure that the values ​​of my map are all unique: There are no duplicate – Safari Oct 23 '11 at 18:38

As Geoffroy said, std::map doesn't allow this behaviour. However, you might want to use a STL-like container Boost.Bimap - bidirectorial map.

A Bimap is a data structure that represents bidirectional relations between elements of two collections. The container is designed to work as two opposed STL maps. A bimap between a collection X and a collection Y can be viewed as a map from X to Y (this view will be called the left map view) or as a map from Y to X (known as the right map view).

template <class T1, class T2>
map<T2, T1> swapPairs(map<T1, T2> m) {
    map<T2, T1> m1;

    for (auto&& item : m) {
        m1.emplace(item.second, item.first);

    return m1;

int main() {
    map<string, int> m;

    cout << m.at("111") << endl; // 5

    map<int,string> m1 = swapPairs(m);

    cout << m1.at(5) << endl; // 111

    return 0;

There's no standard method / way to do this, you have to write your own function.

It's not something very hard to do, but first think about doing it in a different way.

If you have to invert your key/values, then you're code may be ill-though, you don't keep the logic of the container.

If you want more information, explain why you want to do this.

  • I think boost has an iterator adaptor that might make this easy – Mooing Duck Oct 23 '11 at 18:40
  • Yes perhaps, I don't know that much about boost for the moment. But it's not too hard to do. – Geoffroy Oct 23 '11 at 18:41
  • I have to read a file that took the row-id string. I need for my algorithms that this value is an integer (for reasons of efficiency and not a string) use a map to associate with these strings a id unique. In the map so I intID-string. I need to have the results of my algorithm in my old format id-string so I have, for each IdInt search string in all the corresponding values ​​of the map. To speed this can do a swap – Safari Oct 23 '11 at 18:46

Insert the items in the map into a multimap - value first, key second, with appropriate comparison function that compares two values of the original map. Once all value-key items are inserted, the multimap will be sorted as intended. Job done!

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