I am using IBM MQ (version redistributable libraries for Linux to setup a communication channel between Queue Manager and my sample C++ application. My goal is to get messages asynchronously from a queue. I can read the message synchronously using get() call in a blocking manner (inside a while-loop), limiting the performance and speed. Therefore, I need to use asynchronous ways for reading the message. As per my research, I found no direct functions in C++ classes to read messages asynchronously or define a callback. However, I found out that there is a way to achieve this using C-based method. I have found a utility that is said to achieve the same task. I have compiled it but when I executed it, I got an error when I registered a callback using MQCB() function call as below: MQCB ended with reason code: 2012

According to utility and from ChatGPT, it is suggested to change the Shared Connections parameter in Queue Manager to 10 which I have already tried but I am still getting the same error.

Below are the URL of the gist that contains the .c code I am running: Code link

Just an FYI, the Queue Manager is running in a docker container which I got up and running using below URL: Queue Manager

I am out of ideas and require help.

I tried changing the Shared Connection parameter but it didn't work. I am still getting the same error.

  • Is your application built threaded? Commented Jun 30 at 11:43
  • In the application code, I don't see any thread or pthread library usage .. You can assume that it is not a threaded application. I am using below command to compile it: gcc src2.c -o src2 -I/home/oa/projects/mq/cpp_test_app/inc -L/home/oa/projects/mq/cpp_test_app/lib64 -limqc23gl -limqb23gl -lmqic ... Are you suggesting that I should add something like lpthread in the above gcc command? Commented Jun 30 at 12:14

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You need to compile with the threaded options. In particular link with the _r versions of the MQ libraries. For example cc -o myprog myprog.c -L/opt/mqm/lib64 -I/opt/mqm/inc -lmqm_r

If you don't do that you usually get either 2012 (when running in client mode) or 2488 (running in local bindings mode).

  • Great! Your suggestion worked. I resolved the issue by providing libraries and adding _r variants in the GCC command. Commented Jul 1 at 14:46

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